What would the world be without screws? Screws are used wherever components are to be connected. Screws can be used to connect, to secure or to adjust (depending on the type of screw). What can we supply you with? Which screws can we offer you? 

Screws in large selection - access now
In our online store you will find a large selection of screws - sorted by type and DIN standard. So you will quickly find the right screw for you. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

The screw - the structure

A screw consists of four parts
-The screw head
-The shank (for partially threaded screws)
-The thread
-The point (e.g. with terrace or chipboard screws very much from interest)

The screw heads - drives for screws

Depending on the intended use and your own preferences, you have a choice of different drives or screw heads for screws. These include drives such as Torx (which is currently the most popular drive), the classic Phillips or Phillips drives or hexagon socket. The head can be either a countersunk head, a lens head or a round head.
The material of screws

The range of our screws we offer for different requirements and purposes in various materials such as
-galvanized steel
-stainless steel A2
-stainless steel A4
-and many more

For each purpose the suitable screws and in the suitable material - we help you gladly with the search!
If you want to learn more about screws, visit the related article about types of screws.